Aboriginal Healthy Babies Healthy Children (AHBHC)

The Aboriginal Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program (AHBHC) is designed to provide Indigenous families healthy opportunities for the development of their children (0 – 6 years of age) through education, family home visiting, service coordination and referrals. It is a voluntary program open to any Indigenous family who requests the service; the program ensures that families have access and support, inclusive of early intervention and prevention services.

Akwe:go: Urban Aboriginal Children’s Program

The Akwe:go Urban Aboriginal Children’s Program aims to improve the quality of life of urban Aboriginal children (ages 7–12 years) through the delivery of appropriate activities and services. Traditional cultural teachings and values are the guiding principles through client-based programming and individualized one-on-one supports that encourage healthy lifestyle choices.  The program focus is on enhancing the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that will demonstrate positive personal choices and develop awareness of the consequences of negative behaviours.

Children’s Mental Health Project (CMHP)

The Children’s Mental Health Project (CMHP) provides services and support to children (ages 7-15) and their families that address behavioural and mental health needs. There are five programs in Friendship Centres across Ontario; Fort Frances, Thunder Bay, Cochrane, Sudbury, and Niagara.  CMHP offers a “wraparound” approach to provide services that build community-based relationships and support networks between children and their families, teachers, and other caregivers.

Children Who Witness Violence (CWWV) Program

The Children Who Witness Violence Program (CWWV) provides children (ages 7 – 14 years), who have witnessed violence or currently are witnessing violence (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) with cultural resources, education, knowledge and personal support to return to optimal levels of understanding, reasoning and functioning.  The program provides one-on-one counseling, culture based group sessions, family group workshops, and group interventions for children who have been exposed to violence.

Wasa-Nabin: Urban Aboriginal Youth Program

Wasa-Nabin is a self-development program for urban Indigenous at-risk youth (ages 13-18.  By accessing the services and supports offered by the Wasa-Nabin program, youth will learn goal setting, leadership skills development, and how to make healthy choices, ultimately leading to healthier lifestyles and personal success.  Activities are culturally appropriate, and directed to improve interpersonal skills, knowledge, attitudes, and enhance values,  to promote personal well-being. 

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