OFIFC Values

OFIFC Values are rooted in the original teachings of Kindness, Honesty, Sharing and Strength. These original teachings received from Ojibway Elder Peter O’Chiese in the early 1980s serve to inform OFIFC Values.


OFIFC Values embody what we stand for and serve as the benchmark for our behaviour towards each other, our workgroups, our communities and the broader public. Our Values are woven into every aspect of the fabric of our organisation and how we conduct our affairs. Every employee of OFIFC is expected to articulate, know, understand and support these values while working and representing the Organisation.


We respect our team members, partners, communities and the broader public and treat them with kindness, dignity, equity and sensitivity. We recognise the importance of diversity and we value the contributions of all individuals.
We are most effective when we share our knowledge and work together to create solutions.

Organisational Commitment

We are committed to the development of urban Indigenous communities, to safeguarding Indigenous Cultural Knowledge and to organisational excellence for now and for future generations.

Social Responsibility

We believe that all people have the right to self-determination and self-actualisation.
We use our knowledge, compassion, courage and resources to support the attainment of social justice for all people.


We behave in an ethical, honest, transparent and fair manner. We deliver on our promises.
We take ownership and responsibility for our behaviour, actions and decisions.

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