The OFIFC is an advocate for the full integration of Friendship Centres as a part of the decision-making process with local and regional health authorities. For years we have actively requested to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, an implementation of the Aboriginal Health Council in order to address urban Indigenous health issues on a provincial level.  The OFIFC will continue to engage provincial health authorities on important Indigenous health issues such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, nutrition, physical activity and other relevant health concerns to urban Indigenous people.

The OFIFC recognizes the disproportionate impact that mental health and addictions issues are having on the urban Indigenous community.  We will continue to support and represent the needs of Friendship Centres and their communities in order to improve the services for urban Indigenous people. We will continue to combat mental health and addictions issues in a proactive manner through the continual development of Friendship Centre priorities and strategic policy documents. 

The OFIFC will continue to promote development in all areas of Indigenous health including ensuring availability and access to culturally relevant services.

OFIFC Policy Submissions on Health 

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